I’m a proud member of the Alliance of Independent Authors, the global organisation for self-publishing writers and indie authors, helping share best practice and good advice around the world.

In 2013 I was appointed Commissioning Editor of its Self-Publishing Advice blog, and I solicit and publish a new advice post just about every day of the week.

Debbie with ALLi friends in selfie shot
Celebrating the launch of “Opening Up To Indie Authors” at the London Book Fair, with authors Jessica Bell, Hugh Howey, Orna Ross and Dan Holloway, and Kobo’s UK Director Diego Marano

My role has expanded, so that I am now UK Ambassador for ALLi and responsible for its Going Global programme.

I also write guide books for the organisation, and representing them as a public speaker at events and festivals.

It is gratifying to hear many indie authors say that the ALLi blog is the only one they feel they ever really need to read, as they can get all the information they need there.I’m also thrilled to have made so many author friends, all around the world, writing in just about every genre.

If you’re an indie author, or thinking about self-publishing, I strongly recommend you join  – more about how and why here at their membership website: