An Officer Blowing a Trumpet
Blowing my own trumpet

I love to blog, both on my author website and as a guest on other people’s blogs.

There’s something very personal and direct about writing a blog, that, for me, no other form can touch. That’s why I’m especially pleased to receive positive feedback for a post, such as winning a national competition with this one: The Sixpence That Changed Into A Swimming Pool

All my Young By Name blog posts are accessible via my Home page  (there are hundreds – you have been warned!), and to get you in the mood, here are some of my favourite comments by my readers:

  • “Your blog is much like having a cup of tea with an old friend — very cozy and comfortable.” Laura Zera, travel writer & blogger from Seattle, Washington, USA
  • “Beautiful in so many different ways. You are an artist by the way when it comes to words. No comment could say how wonderful your post is.” Kate Davis-Holmes, blogger and much more, currently working on her first novel
  • “Debbie, your writing has a very romantic element to it. The prose is wonderfully descriptive and you transported me to be right there alongside you.” Fiona Chapman, writer and blogger
  • “This is a beautiful blog. A beautiful moment captured in a beautiful blog. Your little girl will have this blog forever.” Anna Newson, journalist, writer and blogger
  • “Mrs Young, I love your style, you make me smile!” Kate Wilkinson, blogger and aspiring novelist

I also enjoy being a guest blogger or interview subject on other authors’ blogs. Here are some of my favourites:

Logo of the One Lovely Blog Award
October 2012

More information about: 

 One Lovely Blog Award 

Awarded to me by flash fiction writer Helena Mallett

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