Although my first love is writing fiction, I also enjoy writing journalistic columns and blog posts.

Memoirs of Rural Life

Cover of All Part of the Charm

Cover of Young by Name







Since 2010 I’ve been writing monthly columns for two local magazines, the multiple award-winning Tetbury Advertiser and the Hawkesbury Parish News, and I’ve gathered these wide-ranging columns into two books now available in paperback and digital formats.


In bookshops: quote the ISBNs to place a special order – 978-1911223023 for All Part of the Charm and 978-1911223030 for Young by Name.

All Part of the Charm Amazon USA * Amazon UK * other ebook retailers
Young by Name – Amazon USA * Amazon UK * other ebook retailers


“This book is totally charming… These are little vignettes of village life and what it is to be human that make you just want to pack up and move there straight away.” – Lynne Pardoe

“The topics of this gifted essayist and Debbie Young’s fascination with her Cotswold universe is appealing and evocative… Life in the Cotswold village of Hawkesbury Upton and the impact that national events and celebrations have upon that microcosm is faithfully recorded, painted in Debbie Young’s humorous, colourful and gentle fashion. Debbie Young is a subtle and perceptive exponent of the art [of the essayist]which, given her literary skills, is very much alive.” – Celia Boyd

Memoirs of Life with Type 1 Diabetes

Cover of Coming To Terms

Occasionally in my blog I write about Type 1 diabetes. My most popular blog post ever was one in which I took issue with Jamie Oliver’s apparent confusion between Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. I turned my blog posts about the diagnosis of Type 1 diabetes for my husband and our daughter into a short book which is now sold in aid of the JDRF diabetes research charity, for which I am an official speaker.


From bookshops: if not held in stock, quote ISBN 978-0993-087905 to order

Online: Amazon USA * Amazon UKother ebook retailers


“A moving and personal testimony” – Justin Webb, BBC Radio 4 news journalist, whose son has Type 1 diabetes

“A lovely uplifting little book, full of insight, wit, and practical know-how. Beautifully written – a little treasure and a ray of hope.” – Dr Carol Cooper, GP, President of the Guild of Health Writers

There is more information about this book on it own page here. 

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