Blue Mercy by Orna Ross

Blue Mercy 2017If I hadn’t known that the Irish novelist Orna Ross also writes poetry, I’d have guessed it from the lyrical flow and language of this compelling contemporary novel. Breathtakingly powerful phrases pepper the pages, little puffs of magic whose brilliance takes you by surprise.

Literary, Modern, Magnificent

The novel’s ambitious structure hops smoothly between time frames, and between Ireland and the USA. Its interesting characters develop convincingly, all products of their family, their heritage and their time, no matter how much they try to shake those factors off. Calmly, bravely and effectively the author tackles difficult, taboo topics (which I won’t name here for fear of spoiling the plot), adding enormous breadth to the central theme of the story: the development of a mother-daughter relationship. There were also some extraordinary surprises as the reader is brought full circle from the opening scene of conflict to the unexpected but oddly satisfying resolution.

A truly literary modern novel that raises the bar for modern family dramas, this book put me in mind of the only other book that I can remember reading at a single sitting, transported by its writing style: Virgina Woolf’s “Mrs Dalloway”.

I hugged my own daughter for a long time after I finished reading this book.

For more information about the author, visit here website:

Order your copy from your local bookshop, if you can, or buy it on Amazon UK here or Amazon US here.

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