Let’s Get Digital by David Gaughran

Cover of David Gaughran's book Let's Get DigitalBook Review of Let’s Get Digital: How to Self-Publish and Why You Should by David Gaughran

A well-written and motivating introduction to the state of the modern book trade and how it’s come about, encouraging would-be authors to get down and get digital by self-publishing their books rather than waiting for the increasingly risk-averse, slow-moving traditional publishing sector to do it for them.


Three Books In One

This book is really three books in one – the first a fascinating history of how the publishing trade has got to its current crossroads, with a look to the future as well; the second a here’s-how-to-self-publish guide; the third a catalogue of 33 authors who’ve been there, done that and want to spread the self-publishing love to other aspiring authors.

While the second section is a bit too brief to stand alone as a guide, there is plenty of extra support out there in the form of other how-to books and copious stuff to be found online from other trustworthy sources such as the Alliance of Independent Authors and KDP itself (the branch of Amazon that allows you to self-publish quickly and easily to Kindle).

Information, Inspiration, Motivation

I’d still have found this book value for money if only receiving the first section – in the many other books I’ve read on the subject, I’ve never seen such a succinct, reasoned and readable summary. Section 3 is also a good source of moral support for any self-published authors who are having a bad day. Gaughran’s idea of using not only the giants of self-publishing to recount their success, but also smaller players that are “normal” people, easy to relate to, is very winning.

Thank you, Mr Gaughran, I’ll be recommending this book to others, and I’m now downloading its companion piece, Let’s Get Visible. (Love the translations of your title into French, by the way – check out his author page to see them listed!)

For more information about David Gaughran and his self-publishing career, visit his website: www.DavidGaughran.wordpress.com

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