Successio by Alison Morton

Cover of Successio by Alison MortonHaving enjoyed the first two books in Alison Morton’s Roma Nova series, I was very pleased to receive an early review copy of the next installment, Successio, which picks up Carina Mitela’s story some years after the previous in the series.

Now her eldest daughter Allegra is a teenager, her ageing grandmother is very ill, and a new threat is about to befall Carina and her fascinating country. I won’t spoil the plot by telling you what it is, but it’s a very interesting and unexpected development!

The slick thriller action familiar from her previous adventures kicks off early on, but this time with added depth provided by the continuing development of her family relationships with younger and older relatives.The strong emotional ties across the various generations were also well drawn, always believable, touching, and deftly done.

I loved the well-drawn characterisation of each generation, particularly the evolution of Allegra from adolescent to young adult, and the dignity of the oldest generation, Aurelia and Quintus, as they age further. I also enjoyed the further development of the sparky relationship of Carina and her husband Conrad, all played out against the interesting matriarchal society that is Roma Nova.

As ever, the action scenes were well-paced and exciting, with the castle scene towards the end especially graphic and gripping. This book – and indeed the whole series – is surely just asking to be made into a movie! One could have fun casting the roles for the main players. (Judi Dench for Aurelia, perhaps?)

I was interested to see that the planned book 4 – or rather IV – will focus on the wonderful Aurelia’s back story. I’m really looking forward to getting to know her better.

Thank you, Alison Morton, for another great read.

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