The Blues Detective Saves Christmas by Andrew Peters

Cover of The Blues Detective Saves ChristmasI came across Andrew Peters on Twitter, and immediately liked him because he e-laughed at my jokes. After sharing a few bits of banter recently, I thought I’d check out his books on Amazon, where I discovered that he’s written lots of e-books, all which look as if they feature his characteristic humour. Needing to get in a festive frame of mind, I downloaded his free Christmas book, one in a series about his “blues detective”, Otis King.

On Sunday morning, I chuckled my way through this short story with a cup of tea in hand – a beverage of which the wine-loving Otis would surely not approve, but a great combination for me. This light-hearted, tongue-in-cheek detective jaunt contains plenty of throw-away lines at just about everybody’s expense.

Those who are sensitive to political correctness should probably avoid it, but, like “Carry On” films,  it’s all done in the spirit of fun, and no real harm is done. I can see how Mr Peters’s stories, offered in abundance on Amazon, could become a habit for whenever I need an easy, undemanding read and a bit of a laugh.

Thank you, Mr Peters, and Merry Christmas to you and Otis!

If you want to engage in banter of your own with Andy Peters, you’ll find him on Twitter as @Andynpeters.

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