The Dream You Make by Christine Nolfi

Cover of The Dream You Make by Christine NolfiOk, so I’m a romance snob – I confess. I’ve never read a Mills and Boon and I’d usually shy away from any book with such a pink and girly cover as Christine Nolfi’s The Dream You Make. But Nolfi’s a best-seller with copious great reviews for her books and this one was on free offer, so I downloaded it to save for a time when I needed something an undemanding, light and uplifting read. Good decision!

Set in an Advertising Agency

After a run of more serious books, I pulled this one up on my Kindle over the bank holiday break, and was pleased to find myself instantly engaged by the opening chapter, which paints an amusing portrait of life in an advertising agency. I’ve worked in one of these myself years ago, and it brought back entertaining memories with its cast of eccentrics  and bossy secretaries who keep the creative luvvies in check.

When the lead characters, Annie and Michael, plus Annie’s estranged small nephew whom she’s hoping to adopt,  were introduced, I took to them straight away. A peek beneath the handsome exteriors of all three revealed rounded, intelligent characters, each with an interesting and considered back story. Although I was certain that the ending would be happy, I couldn’t put the book down until I found out for sure. I may not be a regular reader of romance, but, oh, I do so love a happy ending!

Theme of Adoption

The settings were as effectively painted and as believable as their dilemmas. Adoption processes in the US are different from where I live in the UK, but even so this was a compelling storyline, cleverly but simply told and slowly revealed to offer sympathy and understanding for everyone involved. Without ever taking on a lecturing tone, the book offers quietly memorable life lessons: for any readers affected by family conflict and estrangement, it’s potentially life-changing, encouraging them to reconsider their positions and move on in a positive way. For a book that’s an easy read, that’s quite an achievement.

The author has had first-hand experience both in the setting of this book and its theme, and I’m sure that’s one reason why the book comes across as so genuine.

A Rewarding Read  – More, Please!

Nolfi writes very well. The narrative is slick, competent and flawless, never resorting to formulaic or cliched writing adopted by some romance books. I’ll be more open-minded about reading romance in future (so potentially life-changing for me too!)

The feel-good factor remained with me long after I’d finished the rewarding last page, and I’ll definitely be reading more by this author, who I’m glad to have discovered.

For more information about Christine Nolfi and her work, visit her website:

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