The Fatal Coin by Lucienne Boyce

Cover of the Fatal Coin
A gripping novella every bit as enjoyable as a full novel



If you haven’t already come across the wonderful Dan Foster, the Bow Street Runner, pugilist, and detective with a difference, this is a great way to get to know him in this stand-alone quick-read novella, one of a new novella collection under Silverwood Books’ “S” imprint – and a real bargain at just 99p (ebook only).

Highly Atmospheric Historical Crime Novel

As with all Lucienne Boyce‘s novels, the cast of characters is an interesting and well-developed mix, and the historical context and setting brought vividly to life without the reader ever feeling like they’re having a history lesson.

Boyce’s gift for creating a sense of place shines as ever, whether Dan’s on duty in London or being commissioned to investigate a rural mystery – in this case the disappearance of a recently discovered hoard of Roman gold in rural Staffordshire. I particularly admired the evocation of the highwaymen who were such a real risk to travellers, the dismal Staffordshire community around the vicarage where much of the action takes place, and the prison scenes.

Building a Bigger Picture via the Series

Although this is a period in English history that I am not well versed in, I’m really enjoying learning more about the facts and harsh realities of life in those days it through the engaging Dan Foster series, as well as more about his character, as his intriguing back story (street urchin turned pugilist) continue to be unveiled. And cleverly, although Boyce never

And cleverly, although Boyce never romanticises the period, she also weaves in compelling subplots about Dan’s marriage and other relationships that add an extra layer of interest and poignancy to the series.

Third Dan Foster Novel to Follow Shortly

I’m looking forward to his next adventure already, and the good news is that there won’t be long to wait, as book three will be published a little later this year.

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Lucienne Boyce is also the author of another excellent historical novel,  To the Fair Land(which I reviewed here), and of history books about the Suffragette movement. Her new collection of essays about the Suffragettes, The Road to Representation, is on my to-read list.  For more information about all of Lucienne’s work, visit her website: