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Anyone who has Type 1 diabetes in their family should buy this book!
by Terry Tyler (13 December 2014)

This is a short book, with a few chapters and articles by Debbie Young about how she feels about her daughter’s early diagnosis of Type 1 Diabetes. As a close member of my family has had this disease for many years I could relate to all of it. Debbie gives details of her own fund-raising for the JDRF in the book (anyone who can run 10K deserves a huge clap!), and shows how other people can donate. People don’t realise how life-changing the disease is; if you want to know more about how Debbie and her daughter deal with the day to day problems presented by the illness, and how the fund raising and research is going, you can also follow her blog at

A Must Read!
by “nishy01” (4 April 2014)

Thank you Debbie for writing this book! My 10 year old son was diagnosed with type1 diabetes 6 months ago and with Coeliac disease 4 months ago. It has been a huge ( and frightening) learning curve for us all but with the fantastic resources and support from JDRF and people like yourself, it has certainly helped us along the way. I continually live in hope for a cure for this disease.

Moving and heartfelt
by Kate Frost (10 February 2014)

There’s nothing better than a book written from the heart and this is one such book. Debbie Young is a fine writer but she’s also mum to a daughter diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes when she was just three years old. The writing is heartfelt, the story moving and it’s written with humour and positivity that makes for an engaging read. The fact that Debbie Young is donating all proceeds from the book to JDRF in the hope that they find a cure is an added bonus. Whether you know someone with Type 1 diabetes or not, this book is an excellent way of discovering the ups and downs of living with the disease through one family’s story.

Fantastic reading!
by Vickie Younger (6 February 2014)

As a mother of a child who was diagnosed with type 1 Diabetes at the age of 16months I truly admire this woman in writing this story. It’s so hard for every parent and their child to have to live with this condition. I have myself fundraiser for JDRF in the hope of a cure

Essential reading for every1 who knows some1 with type1
by “jammmm” (2 February 2014)

The foreword by Justin Webb was a good indication of the quality writing to come. As someone whose friends insisted on ‘wishing (my eldest daughter) well soon’ when she commenced insulin pump therapy in December this book is quite simply essential reading for family, friends, teachers and even diabetes clinic staff. The world needs more please!

Every day is one day closer to the cure
by Rohan Quine (26 December 2013)

The lightness and freshness in Debbie Young’s writing about this unwelcome aspect of her family’s life is a symptom of her toughness and will-power. But it’s also a symptom of a richly developed sense of proportion and priorities, proactively applied with strong intelligence across the complex landscape of practical logistics and emotional demands that attend this diagnosis. Like other major diagnoses (whether physical or mental), this one causes a person’s life picture to receive a big gash of unwelcome colour across part of it, which won’t be going away; but the picture’s subject remains that same person in all their other glories, despite that gash … and with the likes of Debbie in the house, those glories succeed in meeting that gash with a straight bat, optimistically re-arraying themselves with clear-eyed pragmatism, sensitivity and humour, so as to carry on engaging with the many fascinations of life, unimpoverished and undaunted.

A touching and important book!
by “sdk” (11 December 2013)

Even though I don’t know anyone with T1D, I am glad I read this book! I never knew this illnes can determine your life.
Debbie Young tells us how serious this illness is, but reminds us that diabetes should not rule your life. She wants scientists to find a cure to this illness and definitely shows the reader how important this is. My Christmas donation for this year will go to the research for curing T1D.
Thank you Laura and Gordon for letting Debbie share your story with us! And thank you Debbie for writing insuch an approachable way!

Essential reading for those touched by Type 1 Diabetes
by Elizabeth Perratt (10 December 2013)

A heart-warming, honest account of a mother’s shock, acceptance, and ongoing battle after her 3-year-old daughter’s diagnosis with Type 1 diabetes. The author, Debbie Young, has an amazing way with words, combining heart-breaking moments with inspiration and courage and above all hope … hope for a cure. And what an admirable way of raising funds to try and find a cure for this terrible disease. I would highly recommend this short piece of work, and even say it is essential reading for anyone whose life is touched by Type 1 diabetes.

Beautifully written, honest and heartfelt
by Jane Martin (9 December 2013)

This is a beautifully written book by one of my oldest and closest friends. Debbie’s searingly honest and heartfelt account of both her daughter and husband’s diagnosis with this devastating illness will be helpful to anyone finding themselves in the same situation.
Her anger and pain at being dealt such an awful blow was at times hard for me to read. I am sure this book will, like my lovely friend, be an inspiration to anyone reading it.

A Moving Account of One Family’s Struggles With Type 1 Diabetes and Hopes for a Cure (on

by Shay Tressa de Simone (1 December 2013)

Full disclosure: I purchased this book because the author is a long-time friend of mine; I wanted to support her work and her cause, as all proceeds from the sale of the e-book will go to JDRF to help fund their search for a cure. Type 2 Diabetes runs in my family (thankfully, I haven’t been diagnosed with it – yet), but I admit to knowing very little about Type 1 Diabetes before reading Debbie’s book. “Coming to Terms With Type 1 Diabetes” paints a vivid picture of the challenges and life-threatening symptoms associated with the condition, and helped me better understand Debbie’s passion for supporting JDRF in their efforts to find a cure. While the book deals with an undeniably weighty topic, there is also a sense of playfulness and wry humor in Debbie’s writing that makes it an easy and enjoyable read. (I particularly liked her ode to the scientist who first discovered and produced insulin, “So Here’s to You, Frederick Banting.”) I would recommend this e-book to anyone who is coming to terms with a loved one’s diagnosis of Type 1 Diabetes, those who would simply like to learn more about the condition (in a more engaging way than the dry descriptions featured on medical websites), and individuals interested supporting JDRF in their ongoing search for a cure.

Eating A Country Pancake – Ha!
by Alison Morton (30 November 2013)

The self-deprecating humour in Debbie Young’s book neatly counter-balances the grimness of living with Type 1 diabetes. Grim is the right word: this disease is relentless, pitiless and with no known cure. In unsentimental words which make the constant death sentence sound even more threatening, Debbie shows how resourcefulness and resilience not only keep those things at bay, but actually take the fight to the enemy.

The writer has a lively, sensible voice like that of another mum you chat with in the school queue. Unlike many charity books which are “worthy” (and make your heart sink), this one zings along and gives you a laugh, something only an expert writer can pull off. I found the chapter “What I live for” intensely moving for the pared down prose and profound insight. Chapeau!

This could easily have been an “appeal-y, appeal-y” book that you could have ignored in our compassion-fatigued world, but you would have missed an honest, gripping and insightful read. When I flicked off the switch on my Kindle, I was left with a sense of optimism and “get up and go.”

Can’t say better than that.

Very Moving Read
by Christine Schumacher (21 November 2013)

Very moving read. Brilliantly written, made me very emotional as our darling daughter has only been diagnosed about four months ago and we trying to come to terms with T1D. Thx for sharing.

Essential Reading for Anyone With Diabetes
by Helena Mallett (21 November 2013)

Debbie Young has written a moving and informative account of how Type 1 Diabetes has impacted on two members of her immediate family. Three cheers (and five stars) to Debbie for this awareness-raising book and to the charity JDRF which is committed to research into this potentially devastating disease.

Emotional, Inspirational and Hopeful
by “Katie1706″(20 November 2013)

Debbie Young is an inspiration to all those who face the life changing moment that their child, their loved one, has Type 1 diabetes. She writes eloquently, honestly, from the heart. This little gem will move you in so many ways. From the emotionally charged moment she receives the devastating news that her beloved 3 year old daughter has this disease, for life, until the day that a cure is found, to the proactive mother who is determined to not let T1D rule her daughter’s life, their lives. Debbie won’t let it. Her positivity shines through in every chapter. She inspires, gives hope and lifts everyone’s spirit even in their darkest hour. A remarkable achievement.

Informed and Moving Read
by Lisa Hirst (14 November 2013)

Beautifully written and informed book about a family’s experience of diabetes type 1. Nice to see Justin Webb’s contribution. Hope it inspires readers to donate to JDRF to help find a cure.

A Moving Account of Living with Type 1 Diabetes
by J A Taylor (14 November 2013)

I would highly recommend this book to anyone who knows someone with Type One Diabetes, and to be fair, that is most of us.

It is an honest account t of the emotional journey following a diagnosis and the impact it can have in a family. Debbie takes the tough bits with the positives and writes from the heart.I would highly recommend this book to anyone who knows someone with Type One Diabetes, and to be fair, that is most of us.

Touching Account of Life with Diabetes
by Joanne Phillips (13 November 2013)

This is a frank and honest account of one family’s shock, and subsequent struggles, after finding out that their 3 year old daughter had Type 1 diabetes. My sister was diagnosed at 13, which was bad enough, but as a 3 year old it must be horrendous. Debbie is a natural writer, and this ebook is in part a collection of blog posts. Families of children with diabetes will find comfort in these pages, but even those who’s lives have not been touched by this illness – yet – should read this book. Oh, and have a packet of tissues handy when you do.

Moving, Informative and for a Great Cause
by “LAArnold 71” (13 November 2013)

This is an amazing book, very moving, thought provoking and inspiring. I envy Debbie her ability to write the most heart wrenching words with such a light touch that the reader can bear to keep going. Essential reading for anyone who cares for someone with Type 1 Diabetes. Raising money for the best of causes to prevent and treat this awful disease. Buy today!

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