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Photo of Debbie Young reading from Quick Change
Sharing one of my stories at Stroud Short Stories night, April 2015

I enjoy the challenge of crafting tiny pieces of fiction that tell a fulfilling story despite their brevity. I publish my short stories (1,000-4,000 words) either as themed collections, with a common strand binding them together to make them greater than the sum of the parts, or as stand-alone singles. I’ve also published a collection of flash fiction (very short stories under 1,000 words).

Read more about my three current collections here:

I have also published a few single short stories as ebooks, as listed below, and my work has been included in many anthologies (see Flash Fiction page for more details).

Single Short Stories 

(single story – published 1 December 2014)
Lighting Up Time is a single short story about the winter solstice (21st December in the northern hemisphere). It’s about fear of the dark, death and bereavement and about finding light and hope in the midst of darkness.

“Lovely story and a great, feel-good ending .”
Christina Courtenay

“Debbie Young packs so much into her short and poignant stories. I cannot give anything away as that will spoil your enjoyment. Be prepared though to get on the edge of your seat whilst also having your mind slightly expanded. ”
Tom Evans

“Lovely story that perfectly captures that big sister/little sister thing, and Aunt Sophie is a lovely gentle presence throughout – I especially like the way you use scent (perfume, flowers) to evoke her.”
Lucienne Boyce

(single story – published 13 December 2013)

Cover of The Owl and the TurkeyThe Owl and the Turkey is a light-hearted, tongue-in-cheek short story that purports to provide the real reason that we eat turkey for Christmas. Actually I made it all up, but it’s a bit of fun to make you smile at Christmas. I was delighted when it was chosen to feature behind a door of the Mumsnet Advent Calendar online.

“Crisp, clever and fast-paced, this short story received my highest recommendation.”
Ginger Dawn Harman
“If you’re looking for a fun new holiday story,
it’s well worth the 99c to check this one out.”
Shay Tressa De Simone
“I really enjoyed it… A real hoot!”
Shaun Ivory
“Cute, deliciously random, funny to boot. Made me come away smiling.”
David Ellis

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