Sophie Sayers in German


series branding image from DP Verlag for Sophie Sayers Ermittelt series

I’m pleased to say that Sophie Sayers is also proving popular in Germany, through the German language editions published under licence by DP Verlag.

DP Verlag have developed their own branding and series title: “Cottage Crimes: Sophie Sayers Ermittelt” which means “Sophie Sayers Investigates”.

So far they have published the first three in the series, and I’ve recently signed a further contract for the next two books in the Sophie Sayers Cozy Mystery series.

Here are the titles with their German equivalents and the literal translation of the German titles:

Best Murder in Show = Ein Preisgekrönter Todesfall (A Prizewinning Murder)

Murder at the Vicarage = Eine Leiche Zuviel (One Corpse Too Many)

Murder in the Manger = Ein Dorf Unter Verdacht (A Village Under Suspicion)

Find out more about the German editions on DP Verlag’s website here. 

array of three German translation book covers for Sophie Sayers