Marry in Haste: 15 Short Stories of Dating, Love & Marriage

New cover of Marry in Haste
Now, that looks familiar…

This collection of humorous short stories about relationships is divided into three sections:

  • Seeking – about looking for the a partner
  • Committing – about the process of getting married
  • Enduring – about surviving the long-haul

Although poking gentle fun at some of society’s expectations and conventions, Marry in Haste is a celebration of marriage. All you need to do is:

  • find the right person
  • get married for the right reasons
  • have a high tolerance for your partner’s foibles

It’s dedicated to my parents, childhood sweethearts who have been married for over 60 years and still hold hands when they’re out together.

I’m not revealing which of the stories was inspired by my own husband, but any similarity between characters or situtations in the book to real life is purely coincidental, as we fiction authors like to say…

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What Readers Say

“It is Debbie Young’s cleverness as an author and storyteller that shines through in this collection, which I highly recommend. Debbie Young may have changed my attitude to short stories for ever.” Helena Halme

“A super little book. Witty and fun, it will have you smiling at the characters’ antics, nodding sagely and occasionally laughing out loud.  My only gripe – I would have liked 15 more!” Paula G

“There is something here for everyone who loves Love – and who doesn’t? Each story is short and sweet, but with a satisfying tang and the kind of little twist you’d expect from a Debbie Young tale.” Ava D Reader

“The stories are warm-hearted, the characters well-drawn and the situations totally believable.” Sue Johnson

Download for Book Groups

Marry in Haste makes a great read for book groups, stimulating discussion not only about the art of the short story, but also about readers’ experiences of dating, love and marriage. Click the link below to download a handy pdf file which Book Groups should feel free to reproduce and share. If you’d like the author to visit your Book Group to talk about her book, please don’t hesitate to ask.

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