Mrs Morris Changes Lanes

Mrs Morris Changes Lanes is a slightly new departure for me, as it’s not so much a mystery story as a romantic comedy with a touch of magical realism – although the storyline will keep you guessing up to the final page!

What it does have in common with my other fiction is that it’s set in the beautiful Cotswolds, this time in and around Cirencester. Full of observational comedy, it’s ultimately an uplifting, optimistic tale.

After 30 years in a joyless marriage and a dead-end job, Juliet Morris is resigned to a humdrum life in her quiet corner of the Cotswolds, until a chance encounter at a dental appointment reminds her of what might have been.

Craving an afternoon alone to think, Juliet accepts the offer of an unusual loan car whose satnav seems to have a mind of its own. Following its directions, she begins a remarkable journey of second chances and fresh hopes, leading to surprising destinations.

An Upbeat Novella for a Quick, Uplifting Read

At around 21k words, this is a novella, and about a third the length of one of my novels. It’s available both as an ebook and as a slim paperback. The beautiful cover hand-drawn by Rachel Lawston looks even nicer in print!

Early Reviews

I’m delighted that readers seem to love it so far! Here are some of my favourite reviews to date:

A gentle adventure into “what if?” – Alison Morton
Debbie Young’s stories, whether long or short, are always a pleasure to read – ‘warm, witty and feel-good’ describe her style perfectly. Mrs Morris’s adventure is charming and thought provoking. The author handles the bridge from reality now to another possible reality so smoothly the reader hardly notices. Yet underneath is the question we might all ask ourselves: should we settle for the ‘it’ll do’ or pursue the ‘what we would really like to do’? Highly recommended.

A welcome dose of intelligent escapism – Susan Grossey
A new Debbie Young book is always cause for celebration! This novella is intriguing, beautifully written and filled with details that make you think. I wonder whether I can have the same adventure in my Renault 5…

A whimsical tale to make you think – Anita Davison
I always enjoy Debbie Young’s stories, her powers of observation of small details and characterisation brings her writing to life… An entertaining and amusing story I read in one sitting. Another winnner from Ms Young.

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