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New cover of Coming to Terms
New edition for 2014

My first book on this subject, Coming to Terms with Type 1 Diabetes, shares my family’s journey from Laura’s diagnosis at the age of 3 through the challenge of learning to live with the disease and to move on with a positive attitude. Some of the content started life as a series of occasional blog posts on my Young By Name blog, and I’ve added further reflections.

The book was originally intended as a simple fundraiser for JDRF, and I expected it to be of interest only to other families in a similar situation, but as soon as I put out the manuscript to a few key people to read prior to publication, it quickly became apparent that it would serve three valuable purposes:

  • to provide moral support, encouragement and hope to families of those with Type 1 Diabetes
  • to enable those with no experience of the disease to obtain a better understanding of what it’s like to live with it
  • to help medical professionals view the disease from the perspective of the patient and his or her family

When originally published as an ebook exclusively for Kindle on World Diabetes Day 2013, Coming To Terms received such a positive response (16 x 5* reviews on Amazon UK) that I decided to publish it in paperback to reach a wider audience.

New Edition for World Diabetes Day 2014

To mark World Diabetes Day 2014 (14 November), and to raise funds for Type 1 Diabetes research charity JDRF, I published a new paperback of a memoir of my family’s experience of Type 1 Diabetes, a serious, incurable condition that affects my husband and our daughter Laura. All profits from both the ebook and the paperback will be donated to JDRF.

Planned Sequels

I’m now compiling Sugar, Sugar or How to Keep Smiling When You’ve Got Type 1 Diabetes in the House – a book of upbeat tips to make life easier for families affected by Type 1. These won’t be medical tips – you should only ever get that from your qualified care team – but simple ideas such as disguising your equipment and supplies in fancy cases and baskets, so that they don’t get you down. Those who don’t live with the condition may not realise how helpful such little tricks are in getting you through the day, especially where there are children involved. More news on this book will follow shortly.

Thanks to Distinguished Supporters

I was honoured when the distinguished broadcaster and journalist Justin Webb, co-presenter of the BBC Radio 4 Today programme, agreed to write the foreword. His son, close in age to Laura, also has Type 1 Diabetes.

I was also very pleased to gain permission from leading media GP, Dr Carol Cooper, President of the Guild of Health Writers, to feature her endorsement on the cover of the paperback.:

“A lovely uplifting little book, full of insight, wit, and practical know-how. Beautifully written – a little treasure as well as a ray of hope.”

The beautiful cover was kindly provided free of charge by the author services company, SilverWood Books, who published my marketing manual for authors, Sell Your Books!

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There is more information about this book on it own page here. 

6 thoughts on “Books About Type 1 Diabetes

  1. I ve been looking for your book as well. Read about it on the net. There is hardly any firsthand info on type one diabetes available in bookshops. As a type one diabetic we have good days and then sudden uncontrollable ones. It’s a 24/7 job. For parents struggling with blood sugars of kids with diabetes it’s reassuring to know there are others out there who have been thru and survived the challenges.

    1. Hi Somia, my heart goes out to you. It is indeed a 24/7 job. Every time World Diabetes Day comes around, I’m grateful for the opportunity to bring it to people’s attention, but at the same time I think “For us, every day is Diabetes Day”. This WDD (2014) I’ll be issuing my book as a paperback, and after that I’ll be writing a practical self-help book to help other parents like us deal with the issues in a positive way. I’m doing whatever I can to help. I know from first hand experience how helpful it is not to feel alone in this situation.

  2. Is your e-book available in any other formats, other than Kindle? I do not have a Kindle reader. My e-book reader supports the E-Pub format. Is there any chance of an E-Pub format being made available? Thanks.

    1. Hi Francesca, it’s only on Kindle at the moment but will be available in other ebook formats from mid-May, when my exclusive deal with Kindle comes to an end. The paperback will be available worldwide from November. If you’d like me to add you to my mailing list to let you know when the other formats are available, I’ll be happy to do that. Alternatively, you can download a free Kindle app for your smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC and read it that way. Thank you very much for your interest, and I’ll be doing my best to get it out there in other formats asap!

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