St Bride’s School Series

A fun blend of romantic comedy and cosy mystery set in an eccentric English boarding school for girls

If you enjoyed classic boarding school stories as a child – Enid Blyton’s Malory Towers and St Clare’s series, the Chalet School and Jennings and Darbyshire, you’ll love my new Staffroom at St Bride’s series, which kicks off with Secrets at St Bride’s!

The series will follow the course of a school year, focusing on the quirky teachers and other staff, all of whom are hiding intriguing secrets, revealed as the series progresses. The pupils feature in cameo roles, but this is a school story for grown-ups, rather than children.

The stories are told by new recruit Gemma Lamb, who joined the staff when other options of jobs with tied accommodation fell through (lighthouse keeper, nun. etc).

The school happens to be in the same parish as Wendlebury Barrow, home to Debbie Young’s popular Sophie Sayers Village Mysteries, and there is some crossover between the two series, adding an extra element of fun.

  • First in the series, Secrets at St Bride’s, published on 24th August 2019, takes place in the first half of the autumn term (September-October), when Gemma Lamb arrives at St Bride’s, to take up a teaching post. She discovers that the school is not quite the safe haven she was looking for. Soon she’s attempting to get to the bottom of each of her colleague’s secrets – before they can call her out on hers.
  • In the second in the series, Stranger at St Bride’s, an unexpected visitor lays claim to the school estate, threatening the school’s survival. Gemma and friends are determined to overturn his claim and save the school – until a startling revelation about the school’s founder scuppers their plans. Duefor publication in spring 2020.
  • The third in the series, Scandal at St Bride’s, will be published the following autumn.

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“This is a lovely book – thank you so much for letting me read it before publication. It was a real pleasure. I hope you are going to make it into a series – the characters are really likeable.” – BH

“It’s a great book and will be a wonderful series – Debbie Young keeps going from strength to strength.” – BP