Gemma Lamb Cozy Mysteries

Array of four Gemma Lamb Cozy Mystery covers

A fun blend of romantic comedy and cosy mystery set in an eccentric English boarding school for girls

“A deftly comic series of perfect, feel-good reads” – Susan Grossey

If you enjoyed classic boarding school stories as a child – Enid Blyton’s Malory Towers and St Clare’s series, the Chalet School and St Trinian’s, you’ll love my Gemma Lamb Cozy Mysteries set at St Bride’s School for Girls!

This series, inspired by my experience of working at a traditional girls’ boarding school for 13 years, will follow the course of a school year, focusing on the quirky teachers and other staff, all of whom are hiding intriguing secrets, revealed as the series progresses. The pupils feature in cameo roles, but this is a school story for grown-ups, rather than children.

The stories are told by new recruit Gemma Lamb, who joined the staff when other options of jobs with tied accommodation fell through.

The school happens to be in the same parish as Wendlebury Barrow, home to my popular Sophie Sayers Village Mysteries, and there is some crossover between the two series, adding an extra element of fun.

I’ll be adding a new book to the series each year until the planned set of six novels, to run the course of the school year, is complete.

Praise for the Gemma Lamb Cozy Mystery Series

“A fun and pacy novel by an author who clearly knows her market.” – The Selfies Book Awards 2020 Judging Panel – the first in the series was shortlisted for this award

“The perfect book! I loved it! There was plenty to amuse me and distract my anxious brain, and it took me to a lovely safe place. Thank you so much for writing such an entertaining and intelligent book.” – Katie Fforde

“Oh what fun! Wonderful characterisation, cosy humour and intrigue, and a natural, carefully paced writing style that makes it easy to keep turning the pages. If you’re after some light and highly entertaining relief from the real world look no further!” – Karen Inglis

“A perfect novel to read right now – perfect escapism.” – Jane Davis


Dastardly Deeds at St Bride’s (1)

cover of Dastardly Deeds at St Bride'sWhen Gemma Lamb takes a job at a quirky English girls’ boarding school, she believes she’s found the perfect escape route from her controlling boyfriend – until she discovers the rest of the staff are hiding sinister secrets.

Originally published as Secrets at St Bride’s, it is now published by Boldwood Books with this new title and cover, in ebook, paperback and audiobook.

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Sinister Stranger at St Bride’s (2)

When an American stranger turns up claiming to be the rightful owner of the school’s magnificent country estate, teacher Gemma Lamb fears losing not only her job and her home, but also her hopes for a relationship with charismatic PE teacher Joe Spryke.

Originally published as Stranger at St Bride’s, it is now published by Boldwood Books with this new title and cover, in ebook, paperback and audiobook all formats.

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Wicked Whispers at St Bride’s (3)

A completely new Gemma Lamb adventure published by Boldwood Books in November 2022.

Gemma Lamb is barely back at school before unlucky-in-love Oriana is sneaking around at odd hours, handsome Joe is keeping secrets, and militant Mavis feels a scandal is brewing. Then a stranger appears – but stranger isn’t so sinister. Instead he looks rather too familiar. If Gemma can’t get him away from the schoo,l the whispers and scandal his presence could unleash may just close St Bride’s doors for good. It’s up to Gemma to save the school’s reputation, her job and her growing relationship with Joe!

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Artful Antics at St Bride’s (4)

When English teacher Gemma Lamb’s school flat is wrecked by storms, maverick headmistress Hairnet insists the girls must fund its repair by setting up their own businesses – the start of a series of hilarious unintended consequences.

Meanwhile Gemma’s worries are compounded by the arrival of bossy new girl Frieda Ehrlich, sponsored by a mysterious local tycoon whose wealth is of dubious origins. Fearful for the school’s reputation, Gemma recruits an old friend to help investigate the tycoon’s credentials, jeopardising her romance with sports teacher Joe Spryke.

What is Frieda hiding? Why is her sponsor living in a derelict manor house? Why is his chauffeur such a crazed driver? And what has become of McPhee, Hairnet’s precious black cat? With a little help from her friends, Gemma is determined to solve these mysteries, restore her flat and save the school.

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