Tales from Wendlebury Barrow

cover of The Natter of Knitters
The first in this fun new series of quick reads is now out in compact paperback and ebook

Tales from Wendlebury Barrow is the title for a new series of quick reads set in  Sophie Sayers’ home village, featuring many of the regular characters of the Sophie Sayers Village Mysteries, and introducing interesting new characters in every story.

Each little book will be about a quarter the length of a Sophie Sayers novel. About 12-15k words long, these stories are technically speaking novelettes or short novellas.

The first off the press is The Natter of Knitters, launched on 31st January 2020. In this entertaining  and touching story, Sophie volunteers to take part in a secret village yarnbombing project in aid of a charity for the homeless. Naturally, this being Wendlebury Barrow, the plans of the event’s domineering organiser, Mrs Fortescue, swiftly go awry. It’s down to Sophie to save the day. And to learn to knit…

How to Order The Natter of Knitters

The paperback is currently available only on Amazon or directly from me (send me a message via this contact form to place your order), but will shortly be available to order also from your favourite bookshop when you quote ISBN 9781911223511.

More Tales from Wendlebury Barrow

Each book will be a complete story in itself, and it doesn’t matter what order you read them in. Nor does it matter if you haven’t already read the Sophie Sayers novels – although of course I hope you’ll want to after you’ve read these shorter books. Like the Sophie Sayers novels, they will be gentle, funny reads, but without the body count! There will be crimes and misdemeanours, but no murders – and a happy, feel-good ending is guaranteed!

Paperbacks and Ebooks

All the Tales of Wendlebury Barrow will be available in both paperback and as an ebook on all the major ereading platforms – Kindle, Kobo, Apple Books, Google Play, etc.

The paperbacks will be compact, at just 6″ x 4″ – the size of a standard picture postcard – with around 100 pages in total. Their small size and light weight makes them easy to slip into a handbag or jacket pocket for reading on the move.

More Tales from Wendlebury Barrow

cover of The Pride of Peacocks
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One of the reasons I’m writing this series is that I had great fun with The Pride of Peacocks, a story of similar length, that is available exclusively to members or my Readers’ Club mailing list. While writing that story, I realised I had lots of ideas that would lend themselves well to short-form fiction.

Coming next will be The Clutch of Eggs, inspired by visiting a recent exhibition about collecting birds eggs, at Bristol City Museum. Collecting eggs from birds in the wild is of course illegal these days, but there’s at least one inhabitant of Wendlebury Barrow who likes to think the law doesn’t apply to him…

In the meantime, if you haven’t yet read The Pride of Peacocks, join my mailing list by visiting this page on my website, and you’ll receive instructions on how to get your free download. (If you’re a member of my mailing list already and would like one, just send me a message via the contact form, and I’ll email you a link to get your copy.)