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Counter Spy in the New-Style Village Shop

New shop sign saying Hawkesbury Stores
The new name for the Hawkesbury village shop since it passed into community ownership

This post about my new role as a volunteer in our community-owned village shop first appeared in the Hawkesbury Parish News (August 2016)

A few days ago, I entered the village shop with some trepidation for my first ever shift in our new community-owned shop.

I am not sure how I got to be this old without ever having worked in a shop before. The closest I’ve come was is during a very brief career as a waitress in a York tea-shop when I was a student.  Continue reading “Counter Spy in the New-Style Village Shop”

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The Unsung Services of Our Village Shop

(Originally written for the March edition of the Hawkesbury Parish News, this post praises our village shop and encourages people everywhere to shop local)

Photo of the entrance to the Hawkesbury Shop
Shop this way….

“I’m sending you a tall dark handsome man.”

So I was told when I popped in to the Hawkesbury Shop to collect my regular Hobbs House bread order the other week. Hmm, now there’s a new service I didn’t know about, I thought, wondering what my husband would make of it. Continue reading “The Unsung Services of Our Village Shop”