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A Holiday From Books

Laura in her sleeping bag
Laura defies France’s arctic temperature in her new winter-weight sleeping bag

(Overture to a travelogue about our camper van tour of  Luxembourg)

Much as I love my book-centric life, there comes a time when you have to slip in a bookmark and walk away.

The night before I am due to go to Luxembourg for a fortnight, I’m up till 1 a.m. putting the finishing touches to an article about self-publishing. I’ve promised to email it to someone before I leave, and only when I’ve hit the send button do I allow myself to start packing for our trip.

Fortunately, there’s not much to pack, because we holiday in our camper van. This allows little space for luggage and imposes constraints stricter than a budget airline’s. Each of us – that is, my husband, my daughter and me – may bring just one “wanted on voyage” bag, containing whatever we need to amuse ourselves while we’re away. My husband’s contains his newspaper and his Open University books. My daughter’s is stuffed to bursting point with cuddly toys, her Nintendo DS, MP3 player, and story books. Mine is all notebooks, paperbacks, Kindle, ipod and a tangle of recharging cables to fit the van’s cigarette lighter.

After crossing the English Channel from Dover to Calais, we spend the first night in snowy St Omer in northern France, snuggled deep into our winter-weight sleeping bags. After my previous late night vigil, I should be sleeping like a kitten. Instead, I fall straight into the clutches of a nightmare.

My Bookish Nightmare

Escher's drawing of a never-ending staircase
Escher’s never-ending staircase (courtesy of Wikipedia)

In this nightmare, I’m rushing through endless rooms full of bookshelves. I’m searching for something, but I’m not sure what. Then I reach some stairs and start climbing, climbing, to ever-higher shelves. Finally a rickety metal ladder leads to a high platform protected only by a low, flimsy railing. (I should add here that I’m terrified of heights.) Only when I reach the top of the ladder does the danger of the situation strike me, and I start to retreat, unable to bring myself to set foot on such an insubstantial landing. As I step back, the whole of the bookcase on the platform topples towards me, threatening to rain down its contents onto my head.

Fortunately, all of this is happening in slow motion, giving me time to grab the sides of the ladder, but I’ve already lost my footing and my legs are dangling in mid-air. Realising I have, unexpectedly, the upper-body strength of Wonderwoman, I try to push the ladder away to  restore the bookshelf to its rightful place. Meanwhile I’m shouting to my husband for help, and suddenly he’s at my side asking me why I’m crying.

I wake up.

“Whatever’s the matter, darling?” he’s saying.

With an effort, I catch my breath.

“I – I – I – I think I need a holiday!” I sob.

Now there’s good timing!

Coming soon – some entertaining observations about our travels through France, Belgium and Luxembourg!


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9 thoughts on “A Holiday From Books

  1. Love this! It made me laugh -what’s the message in the dream, I wonder! Dreams are so fascinating, well, except the ones I have emptying the dishwasher,item by item, or trying to get a thread through a needle without success. Sooooooo frustrating! Ah, yes, just like my ‘awake’ life!

    1. I sometimes have dreams almost as interesting as your needle threading and dishwasher one, Kate! Often I’m shopping in a dream, find an amazing bargain and am disappointed to wake up and find I haven’t bought the item after all! Whether my latest dream has been good or bad, I always feel sorry for people who claim they never dream – they’re really missing out!

  2. I never have action-packed dreams like this. Mine are usually me musing over whatever plot point I was thinking about at bedtime. Although I did have a whole book come to me in a dream once! Glad you had a great trip.

    1. Fortunately not all mine are so traumatic! I do sometimes wake up with a story fully formed, or the answer to a problem (I’m a great believer in the powers of sleep to fuel the brain!) Other times they are about mundane things like shopping! The trip got better from that point on!

    1. Fortunately they did, Helena! After I’d woken up properly, the dream made me laugh – my dreams are always so transparent, I’d be a psychologist’s delight! And after a day or two of disregarding books, I went on to lap up about 6 of them during the trip (busily posting reviews now) so no lasting damage done! 🙂

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