Quick Change

New cover for Quick Change

Genre: Fiction (very short stories)

Publisher: Hawkesbury Press

Format: paperback and ebook

ISBN: 978-0993087967 (paperback)

Price: £5 paperback, 99p ebook

First published: June 2014 (for National Flash Fiction Day)


Originally issued as an ebook, Quick Change comprises 20 very short stories ranging from 100 to 1000 words in length. Each story turns the spotlight on a particular moment of change, whether physical, emotional, or psychological. To add shape and order to the collection, the stories are arranged in chronological order by age of a key character in each story, from new-born baby to the newly deceased. The new paperback edition contains an additional two stories which had been written in the meantime for the anthologies mentioned above.


Quick Change was honoured with a mention in the prestigious Indie Picks feature in The Bookseller magazine in May 2015, as well as plenty of enthusiastic reviews, such as these:

“A book of tiny gems. Debbie Young’s attention to detail brings the extraordinary out of the everyday.” – Calum Kerr, Founder of National Flash Fiction Day

“Sly, witty, surprising, and the twists are genuine twists. The characterisation is lovely, very deft and economical. They make domesticity look edgy, sometimes dangerous, but they are also life-affirming.” – Lucienne Boyce, novelist

“Very subtle, very English, very clever. I also loved the overall idea, the way the stories went from infancy to old age, shedding a revealing light on each stage.” – Marius Gabriel, novelist

“A joy to read, absolutely delightful!” – Georgia Rose, contemporary novelist 

“The language reveals a sharp intellect and a broad knowledge.” – Mari Howard, contemporary novelist 

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