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Struggling with my Inner Optimist at the EU Referendum Result

A rare political post from a usually apolitical, optimistic writer

As I type this post with a heavy heart, I’m bleary eyed after staying awake till 3.30am, repeatedly hitting “refresh” on the BBC News Referendum Results page in the hope that somehow if only I did it enough times, the split in votes would change to favour the “Remain” camp.

Photo of Westonbirt School
The school, not the bookshop (though that’s very lovely too in a different way)

Waking before 6am to discover that no, this hadn’t all been a bad dream, I then had the useful distraction of having to set off for Westonbirt School, where I’d been invited as an independent  witness for a Guinness Book of World Records attempt at the World’s Biggest Reading Lesson. The other independent witness was Hereward Corbett, proprietor of the nearby Yellow-Lighted Bookshop in Tetbury. Continue reading “Struggling with my Inner Optimist at the EU Referendum Result”