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To Plot or Not to Plot? – That is the Question

The first in an occasional series of posts about writing for #WritersWednesday

Ask any gathering of authors (would that be a chapter of authors, do you think?) about how they write their books, and one question is guaranteed to pop up in the ensuing conversation: “Are you a plotter or a pantser?”

What on Earth is a Pantser?

Photo of Victor Hugo in a suit
Victor Hugo, clearly having a day off from writing, as he’s fully clothed (photo via Wikipedia, in the public domain)

No, being a pantser doesn’t mean writing in your underwear – though I’m sure some do. Pyjamas are also a must-wear for many writers, myself included. French novelist Victor Hugo apparently wrote wearing nothing at all, so he wouldn’t be tempted to leave the house when he was meant to be writing. As an extra precaution, he also asked his valet to hide his clothes. (Not sure I can class that as a “belt-and-braces” measure.) Continue reading “To Plot or Not to Plot? – That is the Question”