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Fiction MasterClass Interview with Richard G Lowe

header image from Fiction MasterClass on Richard's blogAs you may know, I love doing radio and audio interviews, so I always jump at the chance to do online interviews. I was especially pleased to be Richard G Lowe’s first ever guest on his new “Fiction Master Class” video podcast series earlier this summer.

Here’s a link to it on his blog so you can watch it if you’d like to:

More about Richard G Lowe

I first met Richard as a fellow member of the Alliance of Independent Authors. I have a great deal of respect for him as a writer and entrepreneur – what’s known in the trade as an authorpreneur, ie making a great business out of his writing activities. He’s also very generous in sharing his knowledge and experience with other authors.

His Interviews with Other Fiction Authors

He’s since added a lot more episodes to his new podcast series, offering fascinating insights into the real lives of working indie authors such as my good friends David Penny and Clare Flynn. Follow his blog at, or subscribe to his YouTube channel to discover new and interesting authors. I know I want to catch them all!