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Red Is The Colour

Spend the day reorganising my study, adding more and more items coloured the bright red of a certain fast-food outlet which I’m not naming here for fear that I might then have to raise my rates to cover legal fees.

I know that it is an energising colour and surrounding yourself with it is meant to speed up all your activities, including the demolition of fast food in their case, so I’m hoping it will work with my writing assignments too.  (Or at least give me the energy to change out of my pyjamas on the right side of lunchtime each day.)

On my most recent trip to said fast-food outlet, made at the insistence of my small daughter, I discovered it is now offering free Wi-Fi.  A smart executive type sat discreetly in one corner tapping away at her laptop, apparently undisturbed by the sound of numerous small children enjoying their tea and rather bigger children seeing how much they could swear before being threatened with eviction by the manager.

This new development must surely increase the average dwell-time of the customer, against all the usual business principles of such places.  I suppose the one thing that can be guaranteed is that it must be a very high-speed broadband connection.

Oh well, when my rural exchange goes on one its frequent go-slows, I suppose I can always jump in the car and head down to the burger bar.  Note to self: better slip a pack of wetwipes in my laptop bag first.  There’s only so much I want to oil the wheels of my writing career.


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